(Polski) Rachunkowość zarządcza

For our firm a key-stone of support as part of a cooperation with small and medium entreprises is a managerial accounting which helps companies to achieve its actual capability and assure futher growth.

We take into consideration cost of an employee in a given department of a firm and calculate what income should be generated to cover it.

Solutions which was implemented in the projects which we had carried out to our customers, resulted in improvement of effectiveness of a company and thereby is financial results.




The most frequently operations in this area are:

  • Support in creation of the transparent source of financial and economic data providing informations about condition and operating performance of a firm
  • Mapping out and implementation a budget system and controlling of revenues and expenses together with the entire range of managerial reports
  • Help in rebuildment and defining a new chart of accounts and accontancy system for the purpouse of budget planning and its succesful execution
  • Improvement in the area of documents and information generation and workflow systems in a company, including mapping out a model of documentation and managerial reports
  • Reorganization of the operations of a firm on the base of verified and proven by long-term practice in management in companies in similar industries information, ie knowledge of organizational structure together with scopes of duties, responsibility and  eligibility and information workflow
  • Implementation of controlling in a firm – analyses, budgeting, reporting
  • Assessment of undertakings realised