Intellectual capital

This what decides on succeess of a comapany are not only financial assets but also skills and qualifications of employees, strong brand, organizational culture that supports innovativeness, customer relationship, etc. At the same time in the context of buildnig competetive edge a factor, which importance have been constantly increasing is capabilty of exploiting intangible asstets, which are contained in the definition of intellectual capital.

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Specificity of today’s market forces firms to create and implementate solutions fast and effectively in order to maintain or attain a better position of advantage over adversaires. It shows the importance of developing an innovation strategy, which will ensure continuous capability of a firm to catch up with  emerging opportunities on the base of resources which a firm holds. An innovation then, is a an action, that yields  to resources new opportunities to create a value.

A key – stone of innovative action is a potential of intellectual capital that holds a company and its capability of using it in practice. Intellectual capital is considered as a whole composed of 3 tiers: human capital, organizational capital and relational capital.


HUMAN CAPITAL involves all the skills and experience of employees. It encompasses their innovativeness, creativity and openess to the changes. Human capital is embodied in individuals who can generate big number of oryginal ideas, who can see and resolve problems and negate recognized judgements and values, thus they can initiate innovative actions which contributes to the growth of a firm

ORGANIZATIONAL CAPITAL is considered as a human capital supporting infrastructure. It includes organizactional culture, business processes, data bases, technical infrastructure and intelectual property rights. Organizational capital conditions innovativeness by favoring and facitatating implementaion of innovation process in a firm.

RELATIONAL CAPITAL is described as good relationships of a firm with its business environment, satisfaction and contentment of customers and business partners, duration of cooperation and reputation of a firm. Good relations prop up better undersanding of cooperant’s needs what results in increase of business success possibility by finding innovative solutions which meets their requirements.


Having completed an evaluation of inellectual capital potential together with assessment of strategy implementation and wheather it has succeed, you receive a knowledge of areas of development and innovation in your company. Its identification ensures:

  • Building structures supporting creation and comercialisation process of innovation
  • A proper selection of actions which aims to increase an added value and competitive edge of a firm
  • Identyfication of hidden potential of a firm, which allows better tailoring to the strategy in the future
Strategic advisory


The growth strategy is a chance to create a long-term vision  of the company based on coordination and  allocation of its resources. Defining the strategy we formulate goals and create a roadmap to attain them.


We implement solutions  increasing an effectiveness of business tasks which build a competitive edge. We identify and optimise uneffective workflows and processes in key areas within your oganisation as well as analyse and redesign your business model.


Business process re-engeneering seeks to help companies to dramatically improve effectiveness and increase possibilities of their futher development. It leads to very radical and complex changes by which a completely new, adjusted to the market organism is designed.

Business process re-engeneering projects which we have completed, aimed to cut operational costs, halt downturn tendency of a company’s turnover and financial result which resulted in systematic growth.

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Managerial accounting

For our firm a key-stone of support as part of a cooperation with small and medium entreprises is a managerial accounting which helps companies to achieve its actual capability and assure futher growth.

We take into consideration cost of an employee in a given department of a firm and calculate what income should be generated to cover it.

Solutions which was implemented in the projects which we had carried out to our customers, resulted in improvement of effectiveness of a company and thereby is financial results.




The most frequently operations in this area are:

  • Support in creation of the transparent source of financial and economic data providing informations about condition and operating performance of a firm
  • Mapping out and implementation a budget system and controlling of revenues and expenses together with the entire range of managerial reports
  • Help in rebuildment and defining a new chart of accounts and accontancy system for the purpouse of budget planning and its succesful execution
  • Improvement in the area of documents and information generation and workflow systems in a company, including mapping out a model of documentation and managerial reports
  • Reorganization of the operations of a firm on the base of verified and proven by long-term practice in management in companies in similar industries information, ie knowledge of organizational structure together with scopes of duties, responsibility and  eligibility and information workflow
  • Implementation of controlling in a firm – analyses, budgeting, reporting
  • Assessment of undertakings realised

Financial advisory



The process of selling a company is proceded by reorganization of its activities which aim is to demonstrate actual potential and underline financial and non–financial assets of a firm. It is very important from investor’s point of view, because due to presenting also intangible assets and future advantages an evaluation of a transaction is more beneficial to both partie


Our firm specialises in both transaction projects related to the sale of shares in a comapny and acquisition and mergers with other companies.


We search for investors to help our clients in financing:

  • company development,
  • investmet projects
  •  improvement of effectiveness by providing to a firm a new know-how or resources offered by an investor


We assists companies in preparing an information teaser – a document which objective is to create a demand and spark a potential investor interest. Our firm also specialises in preparing an information memorandum during the processs of selling a company aimed at raising a capital by debt financing or sale company’s shares to a third party.


Our firm supervises the process of analysis of the company using a financial model which evaluates its both tangible and intangible assets. It assures an objective evaluation of a firm and comprises an invaluable negotiation tool during the process of selling of a company. A profounded business analyses together with identification of potential risks and intellectual capital measurement in the context of future valuation of a company. 


For our clients we cooperate with financial institutions which enables us to:

  • Map out financing models
  • Negociate beneficial credit agreement
  • Prepare a necessary documentation to obtain a bank loan /business plan, information memorandum etc./

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