Solution implementation

The best change program in the Word, based on carefull analyses and evaluations won’t do any good if it’s still on the paper.This what decides on  increase of financial results and creates a value for a customers is  taking  action and corrective implementation of plans.

This stage contains the following actions:

  • implementation of planned solutions and its monitoring on the initial stage
  • Help in initial implementation of proposed  mothods and tools
  • Establishing a formal organizational structure with  formal and unformal flows of information in according to the professional relations in a firm and core and supporting processes
  • Support in conscious and complex business management
  • Coordination of change management process
  • Monitoring and verification of abberations in the early stage of change management process

These and different actions as part of solutions’ implementation, should result in achieving higher organizational level and better economic and financial results.


Our specialists assist change management process in your company by:

  • Dedicated trainings;
  • Tutorials;
  • Temporary arrangements under which our specialists act as managers for change control management;
  • Help in recruitment of employees in a new organizational structure framework.