Business model

Having completed the basis audit, a next stage of cooperation is designing a new, better adjusted to actual potential and specificy of a firm and industry business model.  To this end we build a team which consists of specialists from our firm and key employees of the firm where the audit is carried out. Its objective is to design a business model, which ensure increase of effectivennes, competetiveness and innovativeness in the company.

In our opinion, a good business model which fit the strategic goals and organizational culture, is important step on the path to the firm’s success.

Organizations face rapid change like never before, because of constantly evolving business environment. As a result of that there is increasing need for change, and therefore change management.

The most frequent changes, which prop up management and increase effectiveness of a firm are:

  • Rebuilding of organizational structure
  • Formulation of complete and compact documentation, facilitating a decision making process in a firm
  • Creation of effective documentation flow
  • Managerial accounting implementation
  • Designing and implementation of strategy performance management tolls for e.x. Balanced scoredcard
  • Strategic changes