Basis audit

In our firm a cooperation with clients always begins with a basis audit called „third eye”, its aim is to analyse both opportunities and obstacles to growth and developent in a given firm.

Information and data that we receive thanks to the basis audit are invaluable in planning future activities and change management process. The “third eye” audit assures a ground for the business process reengeneering and demonstrates weak points in the strategy of a firm.

Audit advantages:

  • trustworthy and solid asessement of actual condition of management processes in a firm
  • practical evaluation of business model, management style and connected with it opportunieties and threats
  • indication of strenghts and weaknesses of a firm in a reference to competitiors and market
  • possible  organizational improvements and a proposal of implementation in a firm dedicated managerial tools and metods
  • solutions increasing safety of data and information in a firm
  • discovering key elements of a firm, including intangible assets, which influence its market value